Prospect & Challenge of Renewable Energy in Sulawesi, Indonesia

First of all, all of us know that non-renewable energy is more stable than renewable energy one.

But, just give a chance by providing better regulation, infrastructure, and more promotion.

From the point of view of a business, everything must has a profit.

Renewable energy main issue is a longer return of investment compared with non-renewable energy.

This might be true because some renewable energy like solar farm and wind farm are variable type of renewable energy.

The output energy from a variable type of renewable energy is not constant due to environmental conditions such as weather, solar irradiation, wind velocity, etc.

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WEBINAR – “Prospect, Challenge and Technology of Renewable Energy”

I just attended Webinar Prospect, Challenge and Technology of Renewable Energy Today July 04, 2020 held by @reformazi98 , which is an alumni group of Universitas Hasanuddin (UNHAS) Year 1998. Even I am not from UNHAS, thanks to their kindness, I can attend this webinar.

The first speaker is Ir. Habibie Razak, ACPE., ASEAN Eng., Secretary of PII Learning Center and Director Energy & Infrastructure PT. BlueVisions Indonesia.

He mentioned that there are challenges faced by developers and there is also an opportunity for practicing engineers.

As we can see in his presentation above, renewable energy surely can create opportunities for several parties or stakeholders which leading to Indonesian development in the long run.

Renewable energy is challenging. So that is why engineer is required and there is a lot of area of an engineer to practice and to participate in many ways.

An engineer can give service as Consultant, EPC Contractor, O&M Contractor, Owner, or Regulator.

However, to implement the work with high quality standard, an engineer shall have set of key competencies.

Therefore, a good engineer shall have a set of key competencies, such as entrepreneurship, leadership & communication, technical specialization, English, presentation skills, and teamwork & cooperation.

Another speaker is Nurdin Pabi, ST. He is a Senior Manager of Operational System of PT. PLN (Persero) Unit Induk Pembangkitan dan Penyaluran Sulawesi.

Mr. Nurdin shared to us about the challenge of renewable energy in term of reliability.

Renewable energy, such as solar and wind are abundant but they are not stable and has variability.

Since the power supply is required consistency to maintain the frequency, the on-grid variable renewable energy needs a spinning reserve from the PLN grid.

Therefore, there are four ways to mitigate this issue, such as ancillary service, power curtailment, accurate intermittent forecast, and deviation standard between forecast and actual load.

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From this webinar, I understand that to develop renewable energy it is required a good feasibility study and good local regulation.

A good feasibility study is to achieve a faster return of investment and maintain profit for long-run operation.

A good local regulation is to maintain stakeholders and to attract investment which can improve not only Indonesia’s economy but also Indonesia’s human power resources by knowledge transfer from the renewable energy project.

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